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ABOUT Aremisa

“Emotional wealth is like water for the soul.” -Aremisa

"My name, Aremisa means 'beautiful fire' or 'healing fire.' To me, my name represents the necessary fire needed to burn out the hurt and pain that no longer serves. As much as fire can harm, it can actually be both beautiful and healing. This name means that it can be gentle and loving. At one time this name applied to only me. I see now it applies to all who seek the healing fire.


I firmly believe that every woman should have a safe space to heal from their traumatic experiences and deal with the changing positions of life.  This belief came from my own life changing events that impacted me. Learning to be gentle with myself as I went through the healing process was probably the hardest part of the journey. And when I decided to become a coach I knew I wanted to help others go through their journey in the most loving way that also empowers. 

I also believe in the power of the sacred feminine. I have witnessed the trans formative energy when the sacred feminine is harnessed, honored, and revered. When this happens we find balance in the soul. We find balance with the Divine Masculine (in the form of self, in relationships, and globally). We find balance in our connection to the elements. I often incorporate traditional, ceremonial healing practices when serving individuals. This helps to bring out the very thing that holds us back from our greatness.

I am a teacher. I am a healer. I have needed healing. I have experienced healing. I am a mother. I have made mistakes. I have learned valuable lessons. I have turned pain into power. I am your reflection. Therefore, I take this journey of healing with you."

Training- I have been blessed to align with AMAZING teachers/mentors who are not only knowledgeable, but are also of great character (Iwas Pele). I am honored and grateful. 

2009- Full Circle Doula-

Mama Shafia Monore, International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC)

2011- Community Centered Herbalist-Indigenous Remedies

2014- Womb Healing Specialist-

Aparna Khalnorkar, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Mentor

2015- present- Master Life Coach, Relationship Coach-

Transformation Academy

2016- Four Elemental Mothers Ceremony Practitioner-

Venerable Dr. YeYe Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis, M.Ed, NCC, LPCA

2018- Ancient Science of Healing Trauma Through Indigenous Wisdom, Feminine Archetypes and Modern Science, Level 1- 

Venerable YeYe Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis, M.Ed, NCC, LPCA

2018- Be the Ceremony: Journey to Healing Trauma Patterns  Through the Sacred Feminine- Venerable Dr. YeYe Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis, M.Ed, NCC, LPCA

2020- Reiki- Level 1 training- Iyanifa J. Efunlayo Maxey, M.Ed

2020- Current- Yoga Teacher Training- My Vinyasa Yoga

2022- Osanyin Medicine Making Retreat- Baba Faseye Sangobukunmi

2022- Alchemy of Healing the Racialized Trauma Body-

Venerable Dr. YeYe Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis, M.Ed, NCC, LPCA

Current and Past Classes and Teachings:

The Inspired Womb Chat

Soul of a Woman 

Women's Herbal Intensive

Keepers of the Womb- Supporting Women through Womb Trauma

Numerous events, internet radio shows, and empowerment summits

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